Our Company - It's a team effort

All Grow Through Change services are provided by Assentire Ltd

Helping organisations work on the business, enhancing the performance of key teams to support the business. Assentire Ltd was established to provide a range of services underpinned by business expertise, academic and practitioner research and our unique “Grow Through Change” framework. We are passionate about bringing practice and theory together in an accessible way to deliver a high quality, innovative approach to a range of sectors:  Organisational Strategy, Leadership Development, Corporate Governance, Organisational Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Capability. To review literature that supports our Grow Through Change framework, download this short reference paper Download

Our Associates

Each project is unique, and in the event we need additional resources or specialist capabilities, we have developed strategic relationships with a significant number of like-minded professionals to support and compliment our services as required.  These relationships span all the major functions of any business.

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+ Behavioural Change
+ Senior Team Cultural Awareness
+ Post acquisition integration
+ Group and Team Dynamics
+ Business efficiency/efficacy
+ Resistance/Readiness to Change
+ Information System Success/Adoption
+ Strategic Direction and Organisational Alignment
+ Change Programme Assessment
+ Crisis and Renewal Life-cyle Analysis

Our Unique Framework

Our Research focussed on “Resistance to Change: a Leaders Perspective”, interviewing more than 15 senior leaders representing 55 major change programmes across multiple sectors. This brought new insight, enabling us to create the GTC Framework, “Grow Through Change” which underpins all aspects of our work.

GTC offers a holistic approach, recognising that individuals, teams and organisations are complex, interconnected structures. To enable a successful change from one position to another, all the GTC domains must be considered if you are to succeed, this is where Assentire can bring our guidance and expertise.

Our Added Value

We help Individuals & Organisations Grow Through Change by providing business insight across a broad range of domains.  Organisational Strategy, Leadership Development, Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurial Capability and VC & Angel Investment Strategy.  We do this by enabling better understanding of the people within your organisation. You are able to identify, develop and retain talent, ensure the leadership is of the highest calibre.  When adding new staff you can improve your probability of selecting the “best” talent – for these are the individuals working with your existing staff who are going to best position your organisation for success. 



If you would like to know more please contact us atinfo@growthroughchange.com