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Sol Davidson shares some of his reflections arising from 50 years in the world of work (which includes ten years sailing around the world ) and the last 23 years coaching in the world of business and government. Sol in discussion with his colleague Dr Edward Kelly outline their findings in coaching and academic study using a particular model of stages of development which they have found to be of considerable help to many senior executives leading and managing in an increasingly complex and unstable world.
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"How is it that the Western World's corporations and governance arrangements have created the financial, ecological and political crisis of our time when the leadership positions of those organisations must have been and still are occupied by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of graduates and post graduates, making millions of decisions over the past twenty years or so which have led us to this edge"

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Sol started working life in 1963 as a Chemical Engineer with ICI (ANZ) and initiated a project which led to the site he was working on becoming a management model in the Australian economy. From this he developed an interest in individual and organisation development. He then pursued this interest with the UN on an Administrative Development project in Papua New Guinea and then as a consultant to the Australian Government.

In 1980 he quit corporate life after a series of disillusioning experiences and set sail from Australia, in a yacht he had built himself, with his then wife and 2 children, spending the next ten years sailing around the world and providing crewed yacht charters for those rich enough to pay. A chance encounter on one of these charters led to Sol being offered a job as a coach in the USA in 1990 and he has continued in that profession ever since. Sol has an eclectic string of qualifications and certifications some of which can be related to the coaching profession but all of which go to making up part and parcel of his unfolding story which he now sees as the main vehicle for his contribution the coaching profession.

In this next video, we keep the introduction as before, then consider this leadership development framework and consider Warren Buffett's own career journey.

+ Considering Warren Buffett (12 m)

This discussion is further supported by a paper written by Sol Davidson, download here Download

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