Organisational Strategy - It's a team effort

Avoid Strategic Drift - Manage your Organisation's Short-term and Long-term Needs

Helping organisations work on the business, enhancing the performance of key teams to support the business. Explore your business from different perspectives, and invest just 8 hours of your time. By doing so you and your leadership team can gain a comprehensive, high-level view of the business. We bring to the table a select combination of tools from the public domain and our unique Grow Through Change tools. As an example, you know how you get exposed to high risk when key members of staff leave unexpectedly, what we do is help organisations develop their Succession Plans. The result is reduced risk with a clear way forward giving the Senior Team peace of mind and enhanced Talent Retention aligned to your Business Strategy .
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Read More - Specialist Tools and Frameworks
+ The Business Model Canvas
The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model.
+ The Leadership Cultural Survey®
TLCS reveals how groups and teams view their current leadership culture and compares that reality to the optimal culture they desire. The "gap" reveals key opportunities for leadership development.
+ GTC - Overview
The Grow Through Change (GTC) framework reviews 8 interrelated domains: Purpose, Leadership, Relationship Health, Communication, Change Dynamics, Personal Dynamics and Group Dynamics in three different perspectives: Past, Present and Future.

+ GTC Diagnostic - Past
The GTC Diagnostic Tool helps identifies the complex challenges and relationships facing all organisations during a Change Initiative. Its value is in diagnosing the organisation's position/status associated with a prior change initiative clarifying "Where have you come from?".
+ GTC Engagement - Present
The GTC Engagement Tool enables your organisation to gauge your staff's Engagement with the current Change Programme or Project. This helps you see "How people are engaging with the initiative".
+ GTC Risk Assess - Future
The GTC Risk Assessment Tool enables you to prepare for future Change Programmes by providing you with the ability to "minimise your risk, and increase your probability of bringing about successful and sustainable change".

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